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Mobile Lake Oswego Drywall Repair Service

Simply put, Patch Pro does drywall repair in Lake Oswego, Oregon and surrounding communities. Unlike most other drywall repair contractors in Lake Oswego, we focus on drywall patches instead of typical drywall contractor services. We make your drywall holes, cracks and damage go away. Our mobile drywall patch service handles all of your damaged walls, drywall holes and blemishes. We not only patch your damaged drywall, we make sure that the drywall repair is textured and finished like new! And we do it all for a reasonable price.

Pricing: Patches cost from $225 to $500 each, depending on the size, location and quantity of drywall repair. And we complete the repair the same day we start!

Drywall Repair – Lake Oswego:

Patch Pro uses a custom process, combined with specific products to complete your drywall patching the same day it is scheduled, so it is done quickly and with just one visit. The Patch-Pro drywall repair service covers the Lake Oswego area and we are a Lake Oswego drywall contractor, however we are experts at repairing drywall damage for our customers.

How It Works:

Patch Pro drywall repair makes it easy. We always start with a free estimate and there’s never an obligation. Simply complete the form with the details of your Lake Oswego drywall damage and one of our professional Patch-Pro representatives will get back to you with questions, and/or a picture request and your mobile drywall repair price.

We then schedule your drywall patching appointment and your damaged wall, ceiling or crack will be repaired in a single day. One visit to handle all of your Lake Oswego drywall issues, from patching, to matching the texture and we can even paint the repair for you!

Actual Drywall Patches We’ve Done:

Drywall repair Beaverton - Before and After Fix
Drywall Fix Hillsboro Before & After
Drywall patch repair - Sherwood Oregon
Portland drywall repair Before and After
Before And After Ceiling Drywall Fix Portland

FREE Drywall Repair Estimate

Complete the form below and someone will get back to you promptly your FREE drywall patch estimate.

Additional Costs:

  • All items must be moved 3 to 5 feet surrounding the area that is to be repaired on our visit. This includes any furniture, décor, pictures, curtains, electrical cords, plumbing, etc. If any obstructions remain within a 3 to 5 foot area around the location to be repaired upon arrival, there will be a $49.00 additional charge. If more than 30 minutes is required to prepare the area for repair, time and materials will be charged.
  • Patch Pro works with drywall mud that requires a temperature controlled environment to set properly. The customer must have the room temperature already at 72 degrees in the environment containing the work to be done. If the room temperature is not at the required 72 degrees upon arrival, an additional $49.00 charge will be added to the project while we wait for the appropriate temperature is reached –OR- we will charge a $49.00 reschedule fee and come back on a different day.
  • Customer will provide access to the home on the day and time window that was agreed upon, and will also provide any special, relevant information regarding access to the home (such as excessive stairs or elevations), the project itself, pets or children that will affect the time and materials for the project. Additional time or project requirements that were not disclosed by the customer will be result in either a $49.00 or time and materials fee.
  • If the customer doesn’t show for a scheduled appointment, or requests a rescheduled day or time after their project has been scheduled will require a $49.00 reschedule fee.